Bicoastal DIY – Hello!

by bicoastaldiy

I’ve been reading Super Sad True Love Story. It tells the story of a middle-aged New Yorker struggling to adapt to a near-future where streaming updates, statuses, and high-tech nutrition and clothing are the new normal. I think part of the relatability comes from being able to compare life before and after Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and all the other avenues to “follow,” “like,” and “share.” How much of your life do you put on the internet, a place that is at once temporal and permanent?


Well, I don’t intend to use this blog to explore that question in particular. Let’s keep it a little lighter! I’m excited to use this place to make connections and share some of my Bicoastal DIY experiences. I’m heading to The Big Summer Potluck this weekend, and I’m so excited to meet new people and enjoy a fun weekend away from the city. 


Four years ago, I packed my bags and left my native Seattle for the glamour of NYC. It was kind of an experiment, but it seems to have worked out so far. I work at a bustling 9-5 and outside of work, I’m planning new recipes to try, blending up green smoothies, making my own face cleanser (crazy but amazing!), and researching yoga teacher training programs. Now I’ve got a place to keep track of it all and share it with the internet!