Loving New York

by bicoastaldiy

Last weekend was one of the best I’ve had in my four years as a New Yorker. After balmy, humid days followed by a fabulous thunderstorm, Saturday dawned mild and sunny.

I slathered on the sunblock, broke out a new bikini for the occasion, and donned a floor length skirt, tshirt, long sleeve plaid, and sunhat. I’ll always have a healthy fear of sun burn, but I was ready for the beach in my full-coverage getup! Snacks packed and water procured, I idled on Riis Beach with two girlfriends. A clean ocean beach right here in NYC! Some wading and beach strolls rounded out a lazy afternoon people watching and magazine reading.

Sunday, I had a day full of activity: midmorning yoga, brunch, then an upscale mani/pedi followed by cocktails. It was a perfect day with wonderful women. If my life was my own version of Sex and the City every day, that might be it.

I’m endlessly grateful to my New York family. Enjoying the weekend in pairs and groups of threes with smart, generous women was such a gift. I suppose this weekend of fun could be viewed as preparation for the weekend of fun coming up at the Big Summer Potluck, where I worry that being around experienced, established bloggers may get intimidating. Time to download the Twitter app so I can get my act together with web 2.0!

Maybe there’s nothing to worry about when I find messages like this one.
Oh, New York, you’re perfect too, in your own sometimes frustrating way.