A little January Cure

by bicoastaldiy

I’ve been loosely following along with Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, a guide to getting your home in order for the year ahead. It came as perfect timing following a busy December and I’m surprised at how it’s helped me tackle smaller projects around my home. I may need to extend this apartment “cure” into February!


Step one: scrub the floors! I did this with gusto, powered by almost-instant gratification and my Madonna station on Pandora. Thank you 80s hits and microfiber cloths! Man, nothing makes me feel better about my apartment than sparkling floors – so satisfying.



January Cure time


I’m super pleased to report that I revisited my filing system, making it more functional and current after over a year of collecting a file of items “to file.” I’d completely forgotten that I’d packed and moved unfiled stuff, like you know, my new lease… Whatever! I love organizing, but I do not love filing. The easiest it is to manage and maintain, the better. The true test of this will come this time next year…


Also pictured above:

  • Moved all the partial bags of chocolate and nuts into easy-to-access storage containers. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. It’s much easier to see what I have on hand, and should prevent buying extra chocolate chips when I can see the stash better. Wait… “extra chocolate chips.” Sorry, I didn’t really mean that!
  • Made granola for the first time. It’s delicious and the first recipe I tried from Deb’s delightful Smitten Kitchen cookbook. I doubled the cinnamon and used honey instead of maple syrup. Now I have a big jar of wheat germ to make… even more granola?? What does one do with wheat germ? It sounds like pioneer food.
  • Got an art supply toolbox to store my jewelry. You better believe that black box of wonder is getting bedazzled soon! This was another long, long-standing to-do. Most of my baubles were still in the random boxes I moved them in last year. This 3-tiered bin stores everything except some bulkier necklaces, which are now displayed in my closet.

Email lists were ruthlessly unsubscribed-from, easing my morning email cleanup, and my blog reader is also more streamlined after more unsubscribing. It feels great to have more mental space in my online space.


My months-long magazine backlog is almost entirely culled during Netflix marathons. My functional landing zone got some tidying up. Some kitchen appliances got prepared for use, so I am on my way to more cooking adventures by way of a big food processor and my autographed – and now sealed for posterity – KitchenAid.


Joy the Baker says it all

Can you tell that I’ve been a homebody? It’s amazing! To me, there’s really nothing better than being comfortable in your home and taking good care of it. Are you following along with the January Cure? Is your home already perfect, so you don’t have need for this kind of thing? Please share.


And worry not, I have left my home at least a little this month.


The Clock at MoMA & golden hour at the Verrazano Bridge

If you see Christian Marclay’s The Clock listed at a museum near you, GO. It’s an amazing 24-hour feat of video and sound editing. Clips from silent to modern films with moments featuring time, like a person checking their watch or a clock in the background, are strung together in a continuous loop. I find it so human, humorous, and intriguing and managed to see 7-9:45am and 12am-2ish am in addition to catching 8:30-9:30pm or so last year at Lincoln Center – here’s a review with more detail on that installation. The hour of the day corresponds with the time in the movie, so you can imagine all the late-night startling phone calls in the 1am window. I’d love to see the whole thing, just maybe not in one sitting.