Starting 14 Adventures

Fourteen new places, fourteen adventures for the new year.

Last year, my time, focus, and energy was consumed by my job. I got a lot done. I collected more air miles in one year than I may have in my adult life to date. I visited exotic places like Des Moines, IA and sweet-talked a pool keeper in Dallas so my coworkers could get a well-deserved 15 bonus minutes of pool time. I spent more time at my parents’ house last year than any since moving to New York, joining conference calls at 6am Pacific from my dining room table office.

It was go, go, go as I achieved the promotion I sought. Then I got an offer I couldn’t refuse and started at a new job in October. The last quarter of the year was a work whirlwind. I came into the new year craving more time to devote to living.

With less cross-country travel ahead of me this year, I’m excited to do some exploring closer to home. I’m thrilled to have more time to cook, get to yoga classes, and just be. But to make the most of this year, why not have a project in mind?

Here we go: #14adventures. Neighborhoods I haven’t explored, places I’ve been wanting to experience, friends to share the memories. More than anything, I am looking forward to rekindling and building the relationships with the people I missed while I toiled at the office to the sound of the vacuum.

This year of adventure kicked off with a crisp winter evening in Gravesend, Brooklyn. More on that soon, but for now, a couple of photos are on my Instagram @celiabadelia

Maybe you’d like to join the party with your own explorations? Tag your outings with #14adventures. Let’s do this!